Welcome to an in-depth look at the Premium Rockshot archives!

Our concept is to collect the very best music photographers underone roof, in order to function as the natural starting point forthose whowant to research suitable artist pictures. A specialized licensing pointwith a high level of service and with an interested and knowledgeablestaff.The staff offers a wide and deep music knowledge about the photographsoffered for licensing.

Premium Rockshot also aims to provide the very best technicalquality. Inmost cases the archive still has access to the original slides, which makes it possible to use the pictures in very large formats, such as outdooradvertising.

A typical field of application for Premium Rockshot’s artist pictures is various CD and DVD releases, newspapers, magazines, books and various kinds of television programmes.

It used to be that photographs were stored by the photographers in their homes, which made them very hard to access. Thanks to the Internet,PremiumRockshot can now make the photographs accessible in a much simpler way.

It’s easy to drag and drop low-resolution (watermarked) pictures,which are then simply exchanged for high-resolution photographs when the time comes to go to print. All high-resolution pictures are delivered digitally to the customers and with identical filename as the low res.

Premium Rockshot is a member of Bildleverantörernas Förening BLF (the Swedish Picture Suppliers Association), which in turn is a member of the international CEPIC organisation. By law the length of exclusive copyright protection for photographs is 70 years after the death of the photographer. It’s the samekind of protection that applies to, for example, composers.

It’s a wonderful bouquet of skilful photographers you will encounter here.They are all true artists, each of them with a style all his own. We hope you will enjoy getting a little better acquainted with them…

Wilhelm Wendt

You can reach us at: info@rockshot.com

Our Photographers:

Peder Andersson

Bo Arrhed

Calle Ballonka

Richard Cahlén

Torbjörn Calvero

Sven-Eric Delér

Torbjörn Ehrnvall

Hans Ekestang

Conny Ericson

Lars Falck

Patrick Goulet

Anders Hanser

Hans Hatwig

Ulf H. Holmstedt

Caj Högberg

Ola Lager

Lars Larsson

Per Lindén

Göran Lindsjöö

Ulf Magnusson

Bengt H. Malmqvist

Michael J. Nordström

Jonas Odland

Lars Åke Palén

Anders Roth

Anders Tengner

Bo Trenter

Wille Wendt