Patrick Goulet

”Music is like breathing air for each human being”, says Patrick Goulet, and this is undoubtedly a very appropriate motto if you want to devote yourself to artist photography. Patrick’s interest in photography began when he was about 11 years old, at which time he got his first camera. Growing up in the French countryside meant that most pictures at the time depicted the natural scenery. He was still pretty young when he arrived in Sweden in the 1970s and struck up a friendship with Tommy Ahlén, an employee at the major concert promoters EMA Telstar. Thanks to this friendship it was easy for Patrick to get tickets for concerts, and when he went he made sure that he brought his camera.

Patrick was always an amateur photographer, but since he attended every concert he possibly could – sometimes even with artists he really wasn’t interested in – his photography became more than a hobby. “It was a compulsion to take pictures”, says Patrick, and this certainly shines through in the wide selection of artists in the Premium Rockshot archives. Patrick is really a chef and thanks to his connection with EMA Telstar he was often asked to cook for rock stars visiting Stockholm. “I’ve cooked for Frank Zappa, Meat Loaf, Peter Gabriel, Peter Tosh and many others.”

Patrick has many stories of backstage adventures with assorted rock stars – for example, he tagged along in Meat Loaf’s bus when the artist was rushing away from a Stockholm show, and he was able to give a female acquaintance the best birthday present of her life when she was invited backstage to meet Stevie Wonder. But these days Patrick concentrates on the cooking, and he feels that he has combined his interests in a fortunate way. “Good music and good food – that’s the basis of a good life!”

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