Ulf H. Holmstedt

Ulf H Holmstedt was only 10 years old when he began taking pictures. His professional career as a photographer started in the mid-1950s, when he was doing his military service as a paratrooper. Photography was not allowed but Ulf had a hidden camera, which he brought out during a jump. The pictures were successful and led to a seven page feature in a leading photojournalism magazine. It marked the start of a long career in photography.

Ulf H Holmstedt began freelancing for various magazines, not least many of the major weeklies. As a pop music photographer Ulf is perhaps most well-known for his pictures of the most popular Swedish band of the 1960s: The Hep Stars, where Benny Andersson of ABBA was a member. From the group’s breakthrough and throughout their career he was their “court photographer”. “They came to my studio and I took some flashy pin-up pictures of them. They really liked them and that’s how I became their friend.” Many of Ulf Holmstedt’s Hep Stars pictures are published in Premium’s books Cadillac Madness – den otroliga berättelsen om The Hep Stars (“The Incredible Story Of The Hep Stars”) by Dan-Eric Landén and Carl Magnus Palm, and Benny’s Road To ABBA by Carl Magnus Palm. In addition to The Hep Stars, Ulf naturally photographed innumerable Swedish and foreign acts throughout the 1960s, pictures that can be found in the Premium Rockshot archives and in several of Premium Publishing’s books.

By the end of the 1960s, the first major Swedish pop era had come to an end. In conjunction with this, Ulf H Holmstedt switched over to the field of advertising
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