Anders Roth

Anders Roth’s interest in photography was born in his teens, when he used to borrow his brother’s camera. His professional career started a few years into the 1970s. After dropping out of his university studies he was accepted as a student at the photography school run by renowned photographer Christer Strömholm.

Anders Roth had many friends who were into music and during a period he played in a band himself. With this strong interest in music it was a natural step to take pictures of artists, and he was especially active within this field during the 1970s. It’s primarily Anders’ live shots of artists from that time that are found in the Premium Rockshot archives. At the beginning he mainly went to concerts featuring his favourite acts, but gradually he began covering as many artists as possible. “Lots of pictures were taken on spec. In those days things weren’t so regulated: you could call up a concert promoter, tell them that you wanted to take pictures of a certain group, and then you sold those pictures.” Among the most active buyers of Anders’ pictures were the Swedish teen magazines of the times.

At the end of the 1970s Anders Roth was employed at Sveriges Radio (the Swedish equivalent of the BBC), where he worked for two decades, taking promotional pictures in conjunction with radio and television programmes. Today he is a part of Chiffer, a communications company.
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