Sven-Eric Delér

It was on an autumn night in the mid-1950s that 19-year-old Sven-Eric Delér first got the taste for photography. He accompanied a friend with an interest in photography on a night out and had the urge to take some pictures himself. One year later, Sven-Eric was a professional photographer and employed by the magazine Sweden Illustrated.

Eventually, Sven-Eric Delér became a freelance photographer and started working for many of the major Swedish weeklies. With time, the number of artist jobs grew, which led to assignments from the Swedish record companies – during a year in the late 1950s, Sven-Eric was even the Head of Advertising at Skandinaviska Grammophon (today EMI).

The Premium Rockshot archives mainly holds Sven-Eric Delér’s pictures from the years 1955–1970, when he was at his most active as an artist photographer. During that period he sometimes travelled to London and photographed pop groups. “I remember especially one time when I managed to find out where The Animals were recording. Outside the small studio there were a couple of German journalists and photographers, who were not let inside. But I was invited in! And when we were finished with the photo session, they took me out to a pub and bought me beers.”

By the end of the 1960s Sven-Eric Delér’s photographic output was mainly devoted to book covers. Eventually, dogs became the main interest – he put together photo features for The Swedish Kennel Club. And the dog pictures are still his main activity as a photographer.
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