Torbjörn Ehrnvall

Torbjörn Ehrnvall’s interest in photography began during his school years. He was fortunate enough to have a drawing teacher who encouraged him and even let him take photos during school hours. At this time, Torbjörn joined a photography club and won an award in a national competition.

His interest in photography eventually led to different jobs within the photo business. His professional debut happened in 1958, when he photographed Swedish singer Ulla Sallert at an airport. In 1961, Torbjörn Ehrnvall was hired by the picture agency run by a major Swedish magazine publishing house. Although he was mainly occupied by advertising and fashion photography, he also photographed many artists for some of the youth-oriented magazines. One of Torbjörn’s more well-known pictures was taken in 1963: the photo shows The Beatles, with each of the members holding up a rose. The story behind the “rose picture”, which was taken in conjunction with a radio concert recording in Stockholm, is described in great detail in Börje Lundberg and Ammi Bohms book Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! – The Beatles erövrar Sverige (”The Beatles conquer Sweden”), published by Premium Publishing. “A great thing is that when Paul McCartney was asked whether he remembered anything from that concert, he only had one memory: ‘We met a very nice photographer there’!”, says Torbjörn.

Since the late 1960s, Torbjörn Ehrnvall has been working as a producer at Swedish Television. Through the years he has done all sorts of productions, not least drama, out of which Ingmar Bergman’s final work as director, Saraband, is particularly notable.
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