Bo Trenter

Bo Trenter was one of Sweden’s more productive artist photographers during the 1960s, when his lens captured the major Swedish artists of the times: everyone from Shanes, Sten & Stanley and The Hep Stars to Gunnar Wiklund, Tages and Lenne & The Lee Kings. But he is most famous for his pictures of The Beatles, taken during their first visit to Sweden in the autumn of 1963. For a jazz fan like Bo, however, this was simply a job. “The Beatles weren’t especially famous at the time, but looking back it is of course fun to have been part of the experience.”

Bo’s career as a photographer began in his teens, when he started working for the photographer KW Gullers. This legendary photographer was the role model for the character of Harry Friberg in a series of crime novels, famous in Sweden, written by Bo’s father, Stieg Trenter. After a couple of years Bo started his own business and when one of his clients began working at EMI’s Swedish offices, Bo started getting assignments from the record company. That’s how he came to take pictures of The Beatles as well as many other artists. He also freelanced for publisher Åhlén & Åkerlund, a publisher of many of the major weeklies at the time.

At the start of the 1970s Bo stopped working for EMI, and instead moved into advertising and home-styling assignments. After many decades in the service of the camera, Bo Trenter left us in 2013.

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