Conny Ericson

Conny Ericson’s interest in photography began during his school years, when he worked in a photo studio. After leaving school he continued along the same path and also did his military service at the Swedish army’s photography college. A few years into the Sixties he met the entrepreneur and jack-of-all-trades Lennart Lindström, who, together with Kjell E Genberg, ran APC (Artist Press Center). Around the same time he took his first pictures of musicians, among them a group called The Merrymen, featuring organist Bo Hansson as one of its members (Hansson later found international success with his Lord Of The Rings album).

Lennart Lindström was the manager of Swedish bands such as The Shanes and The Moonlighters, and APC also took over the publishing of teen mag Idolnytt. This meant that photos of artists were needed, and this is where Conny Ericson enters the picture. “I mainly took photos in the moment, captured the artists when they were on stage or relaxing backstage,” says Conny. Among his motives are virtually all of the major Swedish Sixties bands: apart from The Shanes and The Moonlighters, also Lenne & The Lee Kings, Tages, The Spotnicks, Ola & The Janglers, The Mascots, The Hounds, The Hep Stars and Fabulous Four. The non-Swedish part of the archive features a no less impressive list of legendary artists of the Sixties: Cliff Richard, The Move, The Hollies, The Beach Boys, Otis Redding, The Byrds and a young Cat Stevens, to just name a few. The pictures were originally published in teen mags such as Idolnytt, Bildjournalen and a short-lived publication called Press-stopp, as well as in the daily papers.

When the Swedish pop music wave of the Sixties fizzled out, Conny started his own photo shop and studio. Later in the Seventies he worked at discotheques, before moving over to the taxi industry.
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