Caj Högberg

Although he had a certain interest in photography as a teenager, it’s not as a photographer that Caj Högberg has made a name for himself in the Swedish music business: he has backed innumerable Swedish artists as a bass player and backing singer, and he has also been a prolific songwriter. As a member of a dance band called The Beatmakers he went on tour with ABBA, when the band functioned as a backing band for Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Frida during their tours of Europe and the Nordic Countries 1974–1975. Caj snapped a number of pictures of the group during this period, and with ABBA’s status as legends today, with the constant demand for new information and unique pictures, his photos constitute a valuable addition to the catalogue. “It was pretty spartan,” says Caj about the ABBA tours, which took place before the group had become international superstars. “The Beatmakers would probably have earned more money if we’d just toured as a dance band!”

The Premium Rockshot archive also holds pictures of Swedish rock veteran Jerry Williams and his then backing band Roadwork, of which Caj was a member, when they recorded in the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales in the 1970s. The 1979 album I Can Jive was recorded at Rockfield and the classic title track was written by Caj Högberg and Dougie Lawton – it’s Caj’s most famous song. His track record as a musician is too long to detail here, but apart from working with a great number of Swedish acts, Caj has also backed Chuck Berry on a tour of Sweden and been a backing singer in Melodifestivalen (the Swedish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest) several times.