Lars Larsson

Lars Larsson didn’t have to look far to find a role model for his career choice, as his own father was a photographer. Lars’ career behind the camera began in 1964, when he attended the photography school run by renowned photographer Christer Strömholm. After one year at the school he spent some time selling cameras. Eventually he was hired by one of the other photographers in the Premium Rockshot catalogue, Ulf H Holmstedt. In 1968 Lars Larsson started his own business. In those days the many weeklies of the time were frequent employers, so it was natural that he photographed many artists. However, during most of the 1970s and 1980s he mainly worked within the fields of fashion and advertising.

Although Lars Larsson had photographed artists previously, and also a number of record sleeves, his most famous artist pictures are the ones he made for ABBA’s final three albums. In collaboration with art director Rune Söderqvist, he created the sleeves for the international multi-million-sellers Super Trouper (1980), The Visitors (1981) and The Singles – The First Ten Years (1982). “I was proud and happy when Super Trouper won a voting arranged by the Expressen newspaper about the best Swedish album cover of all time,” he said.

Lars Larsson continued working as a photographer until his death in 2003.
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