Bo Arrhed

Bo Arrhed’s interest in the camera was awakened when he was still a young boy; he wasn’t more than 12 or 13 when he first began taking pictures. After working at a photo lab, and then going on to various employments within the photo business, Bo Arrhed became a freelance photographer a few years into the 1960s. Among his employers were a number of the major Swedish magazines, notably the “teen bible” Bildjournalen. He was also frequently employed by Swedish television, where he photographed stills in connection with drama productions.

The Premium Rockshot catalogue mainly contains Bo Arrhed’s pictures from the 1960s, when he photographed a number of legendary artists. “I hit it off especially well with The Hollies. I travelled with them when they were on tour and partied with them at nights. That was useful for me as a photographer: because they knew me I could almost stand on stage and take pictures of them without them being annoyed. That wasn’t especially common.”

In 1969 Bildjournalen stopped publishing, signalling the end of an era. A few years later Bo Arrhed abandoned photography and instead became a study counsellor. But at the end of the 1990s he rediscovered his classic 1960s pictures and felt the urge to bring out the camera. Today Bo Arrhed is a working photographer again and has illustrated a great number of books. He has also had his own photographic exhibitions.
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