Anders Hanser

Anders Hanser’s interest in photography was awakened when he was a young boy. He was still only a teenager when his pictures were published in some of the major Swedish dailies and weeklies. As an adult, Anders worked as a teacher for a couple of years, but in 1970 he changed careers and became a producer and project leader at Sveriges Radio (Sweden’s only broadcasting company at the time). For the remainder of the decade, he produced educational and music related programs for radio and TV. In 1978 he founded his own company and established himself with slide shows and other audiovisual productions that attracted a great deal of attention.

Through the years, Anders Hanser has had a strong interest in music and in the mid-Sixties was even a member of the group Jack Downing & The Other Side. He has photographed many artists over the years, but is primarily known for his large collection of ABBA pictures: starting in 1978 and for the next two decades, he photographed them both as a group and as individuals. As a personal friend of the group, Anders Hanser had access to Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Frida in situations where photographers normally were banned – not least during their highly demanding work in the recording studio. “You had to be sensitive. I would take pictures when they were listening or rehearsing, but whenever there was a real take, I kept a low profile.” More than 500 of Anders Hanser’s pictures are collected in Premium Publishing’s book From ABBA To Mamma Mia!, a collaboration with ABBA historian Carl Magnus Palm. The book was published in Sweden, the UK, the US and Japan.

To this day, Anders runs his company Anders Hanser Produktion, which produces films and digital slide shows within the areas of industry and culture.
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